East Malling Research


East Malling Research (EMR) is an independent provider of top-class research, development and consultancy serving the food chain and other sectors of the land-based industry.

EMR’s team of scientists integrate their knowledge of breeding and molecular genetics, genomics, pest and disease biology and management, crop and post-harvest physiology, agronomy, environmental science, food product development and consumer research, to address current industry issues and deliver innovative solutions particularly applied to food, environment and non-food crops and products. Over the years, some of the finest and most important research on perennial crops has been conducted on the site resulting in East Malling’s world-wide reputation.

At EMR we are committed to public engagement and to providing our local community with access to science. Over many years, we have initiated and participated in a variety of public engagement activities including open days, external talks, exhibitions and school liaison that have allowed us to debate, enthuse and educate a variety of different audiences.

Joining Hands

Joining Hands Kent

At Joining Hands, we believe that teaching vocational skills in informal settings and introducing beneficiaries to the idea of self employment, business and co-operative set up will encourage and motivate communities to take action against poverty and deprivation locally. By producing home made products and offering community based services, residents will feel empowered and see, first hand, the difference this makes in their own community and within their families.

The Joining Hands Model seeks to empower Individuals so that they are able to achieve economic well being, reintegrate with an active form of citizenship, and follow their dreams and aspirations.

The desired outcome is achieved only by empowering beneficiaries and offering creative and flexible learning opportunities, involving partners and stakeholders in the delivery in the heart of communities, at a single point of access.

We are thrilled to be working with EMR to give schools, youth clubs and organisations, their families and neighbourhoods the opportunity to have an allotment where food is planted, grown and sold or used for healthy cookery for the benefit of the communities they work with.

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